Best Options for Free Church Website Hosting

Best Options for Free Church Website Hosting


There are many different reasons that churches should set up a functioning website for their local community. Important announcements, schedules, and events can all be placed on a website and it can be a great way to communicate with people that plan on coming to an event.

This post is going to explore some of the best free church website hosting services that you can find on the internet. You might also be able to utilize free sermon audio hosting for your website as well.

Free web hosting for churches can be challenging to find, but we have crafted a list of some of the best providers that offer complimentary web hosting services to churches. These services include free website builders, templates, plugins, and the ability to gain access to free sermon audio hosting.

The 4 Best Free Church Website Hosting Providers

Hosting Provider #1 – WIX

WIX is a multi-purpose web hosting provider that offers its users the ability to post websites for free. Free web hosting for churches can be difficult to find, but with Wix’s platform, you can sign up for a new account and get started immediately.

There are many free website templates for churches that can easily be customized and edited to your needs. There are also audio plugins on some of these templates that can open the door to allowing free sermon audio hosting.

You will have an enhanced level of design freedom when using the Wix website builder. There are already over 100-million websites hosted with Wix’s platform, but you could easily be the next customer to set up free web hosting services for your church.


  • Free Website Builder with Advanced Features
  • Several Church Templates and Plugins
  • Free Customer Support and Help Center


  • Official Web Domains are Not Included (Sub-Domain is Included)

Hosting Provider #2 – 000WebHost

000WebHost has already received exceptional church hosting reviews because this is one of the most popular providers for non-profit organizations and churches. New users can sign up for an account and publish their website to the public for free. The custom control panel is a nifty feature that you might not expect to find on a free platform, but it happens to be included and has several useful features to help you get started.

This particular brand has been an industry leader in the free web hosting industry for over a decade. They are rated to have exceptional uptime for their services and there are no annoying ads that are going to pop up on your website.

You can easily get started with the creation of a church-themed website by opening the website builder and browsing through the templates. No coding experience is required to create a website on the 000WebHost platform.


  • 99.9% Uptime and Exceptional Performance (No Ads)
  • Free Website Builder with Tons of Templates
  • No Coding Experience is Required


  • Hosting Features are Limited on the Free Service Plan

Hosting Provider #3 – Weebly

Weebly is another free web hosting provider that has received exceptional church hosting reviews from users. This reliable hosting platform offers free hosting services with outstanding levels of performance.

The user-interface is conveniently displayed to all users that are looking to build their very own website. There are dozens of mobile-friendly templates that can be used within the complimentary website builder. You can easily select from one of the pre-configured web themes and add your content to craft a church-themed website.

The registration process is fast and simple so that you can get started with your website design quickly. There probably is not a better platform for fast and free web hosting services in the industry right now. The lightning-fast speeds and incredible performance attributes would almost make you think that you are paying for premium hosting services.


  • Simple and Convenient Registration Process
  • Fast Performance and Reliable Uptime
  • Free Website Builder with Several Free Themes


  • Hosting Features are Limited on the Free Service Plan

Hosting Provider #4 – Freewebs

Freewebs is the final free online web hosting provider that we are going to take a look at within this review. New visitors can swiftly sign up for a free account to immediately take advantage of several useful features.

The most impressive part about the Freewebs web hosting platform is that you can have your themed website established in a matter of minutes. You can then make whatever changes you want and add any additional content to the pages on your website. All of these features are completely free and you will then be able to publish it to an official Freewebs sub-domain.


  • Simple and Convenient Registration Process
  • Efficient Workflow for Fast Website Production
  • Free Website Builder with Hundreds of Themes


  • Limited Storage Space on the Free Service Plan


After taking a look at each of these four web hosting services, it is quite clear that they are comparable in many different ways. All of them have found a way to provide free web hosting services with advanced design features. Many of them even happen to include a complimentary website builder with free themes.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize an official web-domain when you craft your website, but you should still be able to utilize the platform’s free sub-domain that is generated for you. This is still a great way to link visitors to your church website and it can all be accomplished for no price at all.

Our two favorite selections from this list are Weebly and Wix because of their impressive reputation within the industry of web hosting. They have all of the tools that you need to effectively craft a website for your local church.

With that being said, it is finally time for you to select one of these outstanding web hosting services for your personal needs. With each of these high-quality web hosting selections in front of you, the good news is that you really can’t make a bad choice!

Best Options for Free Church Website Hosting
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